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Art of Ritual

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Course Content

Art of Ritual Part One

  • Introduction
  • Part One: Why Ritual
  • Reclaiming our Sacred Rituals
  • Personal Reflection
  • Congratulations!

Art of Ritual Part Two

Art of Ritual Part Three

Art of Ritual Part Four

Student Ratings & Reviews

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7 Ratings
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Raven Healey
2 days ago
This was a beautifully crafted course! The content provided valuable information about how to prepare for a ritual, whether you are running one yourself, or taking part in one. It also gave helpful safety tips when attending someone else’s ritual. I also loved the train of thought provoking the idea of what a ritual is and how there are ceremonial type things that we already do in our day to day, that we didn’t realize are rituals.
This was an awesome course, to understand ritual and the importance in our lives.
1 week ago
Such a beautiful course learning how to conduct a ritual and how these rituals make up our livelihood in many ways. Excited to reclaim important rituals without the dogma of the church attached. These courses have such a wonderful progressive flow. Too often books jump straight to rituals without having a solid foundation and understanding of witchcraft and the herstory behind it.
1 week ago
This brought new light to the depth of ritual for me. Learning the why behind certain rituals and giving me ideas how to add things that serve specific purpose to different rituals.
Angela Houghton
2 weeks ago
The intentional art of ritual outside of Christian holidays is something to which I have not had exposure. I really appreciated and was fascinated by this introduction and step by step instruction. I have been inspired to develop my own rituals and feel confident that I can do it with the guidance provided.
2 weeks ago
Thank you for another well presented learning experience. I truly appreciated the dedication and elaborations you keep offering. blessing
4 weeks ago
After many years of solitary practice, a little self-doubt had started to creep into my daily workings with the craft. Krista's practical approach in the Art of Ritual has encouraged me to push this doubt aside and to once again embrace who I am and feel empowered by my witchcraft.