Awakening Your Inner Goddess, A Self Blessing Ritual

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Awakening Your Inner Goddess, A Self Blessing Ritual

Here’s a positive and affirming action you can take right now to help you find some grounding and balance in your life.

Most people find it challenging to be in their feminine.

When I ask, what’s easier? Giving or receiving most everyone answers giving.

Why is it easier to give than to receive?

Masculine energy is the output of effort to reach a goal, to accomplish, make happen or complete a task.

Feminine is the energy of receiving. It is doing solely for the joy of doing with no goal to be achieved. It is simply the act of receiving.

Our culture is saturated with the masculine; commercialism thrives on it, patriarchy has attached it our sense of self worth, our children/families require it of us, our bosses demand it of us, even our unhealed traumatized self requires it… for to receive is vulnerable.

It’s time to change this narrative. Feminine isn’t about wearing dresses and perfume, its not about bouquets of flowers and bubble baths. Our feminine side needs rest, pleasure, and nurturance. For all the energy we put out, we must be refilled or we burn out.

This ritual is designed to make it as simple and as easy as possible for you to give yourself the gift of receiving.

Reconnect with your divine feminine self, fill your cup, rest, relax and enjoy the experience of this guided ritual awakening your inner Goddess.

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  • Awakening Your Inner Goddess, A Self-Blessing Ritual

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