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Reclaiming the Goddess

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Course Content

Reclaiming the Goddess Part One: Knowing Ourselves

  • Introduction
  • Personal Exercise
  • Personal Reflection: At your alter
  • Part One: Knowing Ourselves
  • The Female Body
  • The First Story
  • Lilith the First Wife of Adam
  • The Book of Genesis
  • Women’s Rights
  • Personal Reflection
  • Women’s Body
  • Personal Exercise
  • Receiving
  • The Goddess of Good Enough
  • Personal Reflection
  • For your Book
  • Congratulations!

Reclaiming the Goddess Part Two: Healing Ourselves

Reclaiming the Goddess Part Three: Your Own Song

Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 Ratings
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A beautiful course!
Raven Healey
1 week ago
This course is greatly in depth, forcing you to really reflect on your life and take a hard look at yourself and what you may be hiding in the shadows. It’s life changing information. Reflecting on my matriarchal line and processing the mother wound, I was able to come to the realization, after 12 years, that I forgive my mother. I have been working so hard for so long on forgiveness for my childhood, and everything after. It finally came to the pinnacle while reading the information of the mother wound. I look forward to exploring that further. Using what I had read in this course, I had downloaded a goddess playlist and I took to nature. As I stood in a grove of evergreens while large snowflakes swirled around me, I realized I no longer feel alone. I am connected to the earth, to all the goddesses who came before me, who will come after me, and you are standing with me now. I am eternal grateful for this course.
Angela Houghton
2 weeks ago
These materials were literally life changing for me. They, along with the counseling that I am doing right now, forced me to shift perspectives on my childhood/life. It was completely overwhelming, but I feel like a puzzle piece of myself shifted. I'm so excited to learn about and explore this changing me.

This course helped shine a light on the fact that women (or at least me) often define ourselves by the roles we hold for others (sister, mother, friend, etc.) Filling a page of "all about me" was surprisingly difficult ("who am I, actually?"). There were so many important pieces to this course. Reflecting on the feminine and receiving without consent. Exploring the mother wound and thinking about how mothers cannot teach what they were not taught. As a mother of two little girls who is trying to heal herself while raising emotionally intelligent children, I was thinking a lot about this anyway. But the course gave me permission to feel it more deeply.

This course was difficult for me, but so, so, SO, rewarding.
4 weeks ago
This was an incredible course! Pulling from the other courses and invoking the Goddess we created earlier was truly empowering. Learning to embrace and actualize our inner Goddess is such powerful work.
4 weeks ago
This course is very empowering! There were many times I felt personally called out which has shown me what I can change to live in better balance. I really enjoyed reading about the strength in vulnerability. I think one of the most important things I learned in this course is about how much I cross my own boundaries, which keeps me living in the masculine. I look forward to making small changes so that I can find the much-needed time for rest in my life, which will help me find some balance in the feminine as well.
1 month ago
Truly enjoy this course, I love the inner work prompt and It was fascinating to learn about my maternal lineage. Thank you for this. Looking forward to what the next course has to offers.