High priestess initiation  journey


 turning with the Wheel, mastering self,

in service to others

Take the next 12 months of your life to deepen your human experience

Give purpose and meaning to the mundanity, find your peace in the chaos and learn how to trust yourself!

Answer the call to Personal Leadership and step into the Priestship of your life!

What is a High Priestess?

A Woman who fully embodies her spiritual gifts and accepts personal responsibility for honing and mastering these gifts to be in better service to herself, her family, her inner circle and her community at large.

When I first learned of the High Priestess something inside of me aligned, like everything about my life up to that point made sense. I knew immediately it was my path.

Awaken the High Priestess within you!



  • Are ready to step into your power and live your best life, but you aren't sure where to start?
  • Do you know you are a High Priestess in the making?
  • Have you done lots of healing work but are ready to level up and integrate your healing?
  • Do you know the value of support and guidance?
  • Are looking for an eclectic and earth based spiritual path on which to grow and discover more about yourself?
  • Are waking up to your inner witch?
  • Have you been wanting to create a magical book in which to document your learnings and achievements, something you could pass on to your children?
  • Are you bored and ready to grow! You’re hungry for knowledge and excited about the opportunity to go deeper?

Are you ready to embark on an interactive journey of self-discovery & empowerment?



Embrace Your Authenticity: Start Living Your Truth Today!! 

Through this exciting interactive journey you will experience each season with guidance, and support, while deepening your awareness and connection to yourself by participating with the earth through her transitions of death and rebirth.

With each turn of the Wheel, deepen your awareness and expand your tool belt. Mark each growth spurt with acknowledgement and celebration.

Embrace a new narrative for your life, as you step into your magick, and create a life full of wonder and awe!



WHY? Because the world needs you now more than ever!! You need You now more than ever!!

This path is not lined with check boxes or to do lists, rather it is a lifestyle that we learn over time how to implement daily. 

An Initiation Journey with me is a commitment to journey with the Earth through all her seasons.

I don’t just want to give you a quick fix or a feel good remedy.

I’m in this for the long-term results of healing, self-discovery and wholeness.

I want to share with you this very real experience of self empowerment and show you how this path has worked for me over the years and how simple it can be, if we just learn again, how to trust ourselves!!

Stepping into our full power requires awareness, acceptance and accountability.

Real change takes times! We need to give ourselves the gift of time, to slow down and to really allow ourselves to absorb and assimilate the earth’s wisdom.

Each season holds deep magic for us to discover!


Join me on this path of healing, self-discovery, and wholeness, where you’ll receive personalized coaching for optimum growth and assimilation. Unlock your inner magic, forge meaningful connections, and access wisdom to create a practical guide for yourself. Become a high priestess and unleash your power. Claim your free introductory session and start your journey today.

As a mystical kid, I grew up finding my solace in the outdoors, in front of Hindu shrines, in darkened corridors of Catholic cathedrals, in the quiet of graveyards and in helping others.

This is where you would find me in my most happiest of states.

I dreamt of being a Nun. I volunteered to bring medical services up the Amazon River. I studied to be a Youth Pastor. I was a Chaplain at the Dallas County Jail in Texas.

I knew I had a strong calling to spiritual service and leadership.

When I left Christianity, I found myself lost without a map. Earth Based Spirituality gave me a way back to myself, and though I am not Wiccan, learning about pagan religions, magick and witchcraft re-ignited that deep calling within me and showed me an authentic way to show up as my true self.

Paganism showed me that there are more than one way to be a Spirit filled person, more than one way to use and share your spiritual gifts, more than one way to live your life in harmony with what you know to be true.

I have always had natural propensity towards matters of the heart, soul and spirit.

I have always known this about myself.

How it works!



We start where you are; acknowledging how far you’ve come already, the skills, tools and experiences you’ve already gathered.

We will clarify your goals and aspirations and create a bespoke seasonal road map for the obtaining of your highest ideal.

You will receive a monthly workbook on the first day of each month. This workbook will consist of assignments for the month. These assignments are timed to move you gracefully through the month following the phases of the moon.

You will get weekly check in sessions with me in the month where we will unpack the assignments together, we will make practical applications based on your own personal journey and seek Intuitive guidance for insight and inspiration.

You are invited to retreat with me personally and share in ritual in my home on Salt Spring Island. 

You’ll have free access to my library of courses that will enhance your understanding and expand your views.

What you’ll get!



An awakening of your own inner magic


Deeper and meaningful connections to yourself, your Ancestors, the Earth, your loved ones and a new community of like minded people!


A path of self-love, compassion, growth, expansion, and mental/emotional wellness.


Tools for healing trauma, for mastering your thoughts and emotions with personalized coaching for optimum learning, growth and assimilation.


A practical guide that you create for yourself to re-use every year as the Wheel turns. A Book of Wisdom.


Access to my Degree System: A path of Initiations

Would you like to work one-on-one with me?

Discover the High Priestess and Unlock Your Power with a free Discovery call.


What People Say About Working With Krista

Taking responsibility for my life has always been a challenge for myself. I grew up in an abusive home where I had zero control. And I grew into an adult who floated from one era of my life to the next, dissociated and disempowered, feeling very much at the whim of other people, and luck or karma or the wind.

After a lot of healing work, I began to trust in life again, and slowly believe in my abilities to change my story, change my path, and become an active participant in how my life played out. However, I still had a lot of lingering effects from my childhood of constant heartbreak, so my progress was often stilted by old patterns that didn’t serve me.

And this is where my work with Krista has been life-altering. 

I’ve been journeying with her for 2 years, and through her wise counsel and supportive guidance, I have learned the gifts of taking true responsibility of my life, and it has been the most freeing, empowering and liberating experience, to be released from the victim archetype I was born into. I have learned to take a challenging experience and flip it from an exasperated and fearful “why is this happening to me?” to a curious and intuitive “why is this happening?” I am able to apply meaning and purpose at every step along the way, including when I process the effects of trauma that sometimes still arise in my physiology. I am able to envision my dreams in detail, and then orient my will in that direction and trust the pieces will come together – and, much to my delight, they do! I can hear my inner voice with more clarity and I can better discern when my ego is acting in place of my higher self. It’s easier to dance with conflict, pivot when I need to, and change my mind. I feel at home in my being in a way I’ve never experienced before. 

Krista’s teachings are deep, transformative and wise, and as such, they require a long-term commitment because you can only embody this path by actually living your life to have things come up so that you can receive her guidance and counsel, and finally remember all that we’ve been culturally forced to forget.

 There are no shortcuts or fast food approaches here. If you make a genuine and sustained effort to learn and grow with Krista as your companion, you will be changed, you will transform, you will heal. I can’t recommend her or her offerings enough. Thank you Krista.



Diana Cary, astrologer


Due to the intimate nature of this journey I am only able to accept up to 10 participants.
I carefully consider each application. You can expect a personal response from me via email within 24 hours. 

Blessings on Your Journey,


Due to the intimate nature of this journey I am only able to accept up to 10 participants.
I carefully consider each application. You can expect a personal response from me via email within 24 hours. 

Blessings on Your Journey,