Living with the seasons has been my greatest medicine and guide. Over the years, I have become more and more conscious of the natural rhythms of the Earth. Anticipating the changes she goes through has helped me embrace change in my own life, with grace and ease.

I am a mother of two young women and I’ve been with my partner now for 16 years. Together as a family we have experienced great highs and lows; from big moves, to grieving loved ones and dealing with trauma, to celebrating the seasons together and creating new family traditions.

The Earth has been the constant, unwavering and trustworthy guide helping me become the best version of myself. She has taught me how to have compassion for myself, how to let go and how to receive.

Earth based consciousness is easy! Everything has its time and season, there is no hurry, no rush, no expectations. It’s about learning how to love yourself, how to maximize every moment, how to be authentically present with yourself, with others and with your environment!

It’s the one thing that we can ALL agree on!