“I did not fall from grace,
I leapt to freedom.”
Ansel Elkins

Leaving Christianity was just the beginning.

After the demise of my first marriage, I was struggling in all areas of my life. I was living in poverty, dealing with addiction, carrying a heavy debt load, my anxiety and depression were through the roof and the most terrifying, I felt like I was dying on the inside.

I knew I needed change!

That’s when I had the greatest epiphany of my life! Broken hearted and worn out, I climbed to the highest peak I could find and sat up there crying my heart out until there were no more tears. The Sun burst through the clouds and shone right down upon me.

From deep inside I heard a voice, that could not have possible been my own. It spoke to me with such authority and wisdom, that made it feel foreign and other worldly. It said, “Why do you believe Love has to be like this? This is not love.”

This truth awoke something inside of me! My spirit had a voice and it had nothing to do with Christianity, religion, God or Jesus. It had everything to do with me refusing to acknowledge it. I thought they were interdependent. All those years in the darkness, I had become deaf to my own spirit.

I was given the greatest gift that day! The power of my own inner wisdom!
It started me on the path I am still on today, that of learning how to reclaim my power by trusting myself!

Learning how to trust my intuition, my gut, that inner voice… tuning into the wisdom within me, that magical part that connects me to everything else has been a beautiful journey of healing, self discovery and growth.

The Earth has been my greatest medicine!

This is how earth-based spirituality has helped me overcome the deep impacts of trauma… it has provided me a path on which to work out my healing and discover my best self.

Ultimately that’s what we are all after, a consistent, reliable path on which to journey.

One that not only brings healing but also sustains it. Instead of jumping from one healer to another, (looking to them for the answer) this path has given me the deepest appreciation for my own capacity to heal myself.

No one else can do it for you, it’s a personal journey!

The Earth shows us how to embrace change with grace and ease, how to let go and release, how to be patient, self-accepting, and kind.

She teaches us how to be more focused on the present moment, more at peace, more loving to ourselves, our family and to our larger communities.

Start right now! The link below is my gift to you.

These are the four steps I use daily to help me get focused, centered and clear! They will instantly help you feel more at peace!