Palliative Spiritual Care Services

In the places where time and space are suspended, we witness the greatest miracles of our human existence; in birth and in death we are held in a mysterious embrace of magic, wonder and awe.

Death is life’s last initiation.

When our life’s Earth journey reaches its destination, the soul begins its greatest work, preparing the Spirit to transcend all that is physical.

It’s only normal that regrets, fears, anxieties arise as we accept our final hours not just for ourselves but they also arise in the ones we are leaving behind.

I bring a sense of calm grounding to this rite of passage by helping the dying make peace with their life journey, aiding them and their families in releasing attachment, and preparing the mind, body and spirit for its greatest transition.

I am trained and experienced in Compassionate Palliative and Grief Support.

I am trained in psychedelic therapy and can assist in the use of natural medicines.


One on one visits with the client.

I hold a safe and trusting space for the client to speak freely without judgement, to be heard and validated. I will help them to make peace with themselves, complete their soul work and prepare their spirit for their last rite.

Visits with Family Member(s)

 1 Pre-emptive grief support
 2 Death preparation planning: after care responsibilities
 3  Follow up grief support.

 • Living Ceremony with friends and family.

• Keening, this is an ancient Celtic tradition of inviting

• Last Rite and Blessing

• On Call death support

  • After death care
  • Home Funeral Guidance and Assistance
  • Funeral Officiating
  • Celebration of Life Master of Ceremonies




Last Threshold Crossing

Catered to meet your specific needs this package gives you 12 hours of support for you and your family as you navigate this tender time together, before and after your passing. I will walk with you and your family to this final threshold and with loving guidance help you to make the transition with as much grace and ease as possible.

Up to 3 hours of one-on-one visitation with the client

Up to 3 hours of family meetings to focus on pre-emptive grief, after death planning and grief support.

Ritual Writing & Officiating (3 hours)

On Call Death Support (3hours)


Last Rite

When the Spirit is ready to return to Source the Soul needs to do its work in order to release the body from its service. This last prayer is to help the client transition with grace and ease by invoking forgiveness and compassion for a life lived. This prayer is bespoken to the individual’s beliefs, concerns and needs and is intended to bless the individual as they prepare for their next journey and to help the family process spiritually the tender experience of death.

This is a 2 hour visit with the client and family.


Home Funeral Guidance and Support

Did you know that you can keep the body of your loved one at home for up to three days? With the use of dry ice, the body can be well preserved so that friends and family may have to time to do their farewells in the privacy of their own home.

I am able to help the family with after death care of the body, create and hold a beautiful sacred space for visitation and encourage important rituals to help the family, (children included) process grief.

6 hours $360.00

Rates are based on $60/hour.

Packages to be paid for in full in advance.

Sliding Scale available.