Baby Blessing Ritual



Welcoming a new spirit into its human earth experience is like meeting someone new at the airport and holding up a sign with their name on it.

The journey from the stars to conception, the uterine incubation to the birth canal, the birth canal to the outer world is one of the greatest journeys our spirit will undergo it only makes sense that upon arrival we are greeted with an Orientation.
Grounding and landing the spirit in its body and initiating it on its new human experience is an ancient practice absorbed by the church as a way of introducing the child to its spiritual community. Traditionally called a wiccaning, baby blessings are meant to celebrate the child’s birth with ritual blessings.
This beautiful ritual can be used as a substitute for the Christian christening ritual.

For this ritual you will need to appoint volunteers.
Choose people you love and trust to represent the elements and who will show up for your child in the areas of
ancestral wisdom
courage and hard work
comfort, healing and soothing
grounding, practical and hands on skills
spirituality, magick and the divine



To consult, guide, write and perform this ritual is a minimum of 4 hours.

The investment is $240