Waking up Witch

All my life I was attracted to the mystical stuff, the things most kids don’t notice. I had magical things happening all the time that no one saw or understood when I tried to tell them about it. When my family became born again Christians, I was told that everything special about my life was wrong and evil. I had to put away and hide my love for the fairies, the stars and the moon. 

After years of trying to make Christianity work for me, I finally had to break away and do my own thing. For years I wanted nothing to do with spirituality, my gifts, or anything to do with anything that was not tangible. 

In these years I rekindled my connection to the earth, my safe place. By living rurally, I sat by open fires, I gardened, I took long walks in the moonlight and swam in the ocean. It was in the freedom of the outdoors that I remembered myself.

The first time my younger cousin came to visit me from Newfoundland she told me she thought I was a witch. At first I was offended by what felt like an accusation, but she insisted otherwise, she saw herself in me, in all the little things I did and said. She handed me a blue velvet book called Titania’s Book of Witchcraft. Reluctantly I turned through the pages, discovering on every page things I was already doing intuitively; tying colored ribbons on things, using herbs to make healing concoctions, planting seeds on the new moon, leaving jars full of water to be charged by the full moon and so forth… things I knew intrinsically, innately, things my grandmother had taught me. I was astounded to see that these weird quirky things that I did all the time and took for granted was evidence of my deep inner connection to my magical roots.

Since 1998 I have walked my path fully embracing my inner Witch, connecting deeply with the Earth, her seasons and the elements, applying her Wisdom and finding an incredible flow in which I experience magic, wonder and awe every day! I am proud of how far I have come, of how comfortable I am in my own skin and of how strongly I am connected to my Inner Witch and of how I am no longer intimidated by those who disagree with me.